our commitment to charity

At Kindred Diamonds, we believe that a crucial part of success is giving back to our communities. We recognize that our business is not just about profits, but also about the impact we can make in the world around us. The values that guide us - integrity, compassion, and community - demand that we extend our reach beyond our immediate sphere and support those in need.

In line with these principles, we are proud to pledge our commitment to donate up to 5% of our annual profits to fully vetted, reputable charitable organizations. By channeling a portion of our success into benevolent initiatives, we strive to ensure that our growth also results in positive change for those who need it most.

We work with third-party organizations to rigorously assess potential charities, ensuring that the funds we donate will be used in the most effective and responsible manner. We will prioritize organizations that align with our company values and that we believe can make the greatest impact.

We understand that this commitment is not just about financial resources. It is about building stronger connections with our communities, contributing to a world that is more equitable and just, and proving that businesses can be a force for good. This is an ongoing commitment that we fully intend to uphold year after year, as an integral part of our mission and identity.

Kindred Diamonds is not just about providing the highest quality diamonds; we're also about fostering a brighter, kinder world. We look forward to sharing more about our charitable endeavors with you, and we hope you'll join us in our mission to make a difference.

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Charities we give to

Save the Redwoods League envisions vibrant redwood forests of the scale and grandeur that once graced the California coast and the Sierra Nevada, protected forever, restored to grow old again, and connected to people through a network of magnificent parks and protected areas that inspire all of us with the beauty and power of nature.