sustainability at kindred diamonds

Our Stance

At Kindred Diamonds, our mission is to transform the jewelry industry through our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. We believe in the beauty of lab-grown diamonds as a symbol of love and commitment that does not compromise the health of our planet or the well-being of our people. We are dedicated to creating high-quality diamond jewelry that is not only stunning and affordable, but also kind to the Earth and its inhabitants. As pioneers in sustainable jewelry, we strive to promote innovation, and kindness in all we do, embracing a future where luxury and conscience coexist harmoniously.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability starts at our lab-grown diamonds suppliers. At a minimum they are SCS-007 certified.

SCS-007: The Jewelry Sustainability Standard

Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds are diamonds from SCS-007 accredited producers that have been independently certified under the five key pillars of sustainability achievement.

These five pillars are Origin Traceability, Climate Neutrality, Ethical Stewardship, Sustainable Production Practices, and Sustainability Investments. SCS-007 is the first truly comprehensive sustainability standard developed for the global diamond market.

SCS-007 was created out of the belief that diamonds symbolize love, beauty, and endurance — that everyone in the jewelry industry, and of course customers, all deserve to know the stories behind the diamonds they are considering purchasing, wearing, or giving as precious gifts.