why lab grown diamonds?

Introducing a revolution in luxury with the purity of purpose – Kindred Lab-Grown Diamonds. These stunning gems reflect more than just light; they represent a commitment to a better future. So why should you choose lab-grown diamonds?

Advanced Technology:

Our lab-grown diamonds originate from a lab using a state-of-the-art technology called Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) to create the perfect diamond every time. Due to this controlled process, lab-grown diamonds have a clarity and brilliance that is rarely found in mined stones. 


Our diamonds are Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds and are also a carbon neutral product. You can be assured that the product you love does not irrevocably harm our planet like a mined diamond. 


Our diamond production protects and supports workers, as well as uplifting vulnerable communities affected by the mining industry. We are committed to give you a product that represents love for all humankind. 


Do you love sparkle? So, do we! A lab-grown diamond is sure to give you a stunning piece of jewelry you can't wait to show off, without making as big of an impact on your wallet. 

The choice is simple...

When you choose a lab-grown jewelry product from Kindred Diamonds, you make a commitment to a sustainable future, to the beauty of science, and to the art of precision. We're not just offering you a diamond, we're inviting you on a journey of responsible luxury. 


Find out more about Chemical Vapour Deposition Diamond Production below!